I don’t really fish any more, but my husband loves to go when he can find the time. I never realized how expensive fishing could be until my husband lost all of his fishing tackle and all of his poles. He told me he had spent about five hundred dollars on what he had, and that was on the low end of what any serious fisher might spend on equipment. Since that time, he has yet to replace what he has lost, and instead uses what my dad has when they have the time to go together.

Though I thought the poles he had were the most expensive things that he had to buy, it turns out that he spent quite a bit on the fishing tackle. He had a huge box, and it was almost full with all sorts of interesting lures and flies. He didn’t always use them all, and in fact had his favorite items among his collection of fishing tackle, but he claimed that he needed each and every single one of them. He said that though there were a few that always worked rather well, he liked to try many of them on bad days.

The biggest loss of his fishing tackle, according to my husband, was the “Big O.” He said he could count on that to consistently bring up great fish. Even when he wasn’t able to catch anything, he said he always got at least a few nibbles when he used it. There were a few others that he really liked, but both he and my dad insist it is their favorite. What was surprising to me was that even though he spent so much on his fishing tackle, this one item was relatively cheap.

If you are looking for your own special piece of fishing tackle, you can find pieces almost anywhere. Sporting goods stores are always a great bet, but you can find this stuff in many other places as well. Don’t forget to look online for what you need, and remember to look for recommendations before you decide if you are on a tight budget. Though it is great to have a full box of fishing tackle, you need to have a few pieces that you know you can rely on when you are having a bad fishing day. There will always be days when you catch absolutely nothing, but having a few good bites take the sting out of that just a little bit, and the right lure can help you with that.

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